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Welcome to Sun Space

“This. Place. Rocks.” -yelp review

Experience the weird and wonderful world of Sun Space. Since it’s opening in February 2017 Sun Space has brought the city of Shadow Hills and Sunland some of the best and most unique performers both local and from afar.

Sun Space has been run and operated by the same family since its opening. Walking in, you might think you’ve entered into some new strange dimension, or perhaps a wonderland of sorts. This new local staple has hosted artists for the Sunland-Tujunga Open Studio Tours as well as showcasing the local talents of the area. The walls are filled with unique paper mache art from FLOD Enterprizes, as well as a roatating collection of local artists works.

Unusual Tuesdays at Sun Space

Every Tuesday night Sun Space hosts it’s flagship show Unusual Tuesday.

The show hosts a variety of rotating artists as well and some regular skits and characters created by the Sun Space crew.  The show starts every Tuesday at 8pm and is free, but donations are always welcome at the door.

For any questions about playing on a Tuesday, renting the space out for private events, and all other performance inquiries, contact us here.

Live from Sun Space

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