November 2018

November 2018 Png.png
Unusual Tuesdays:
Our Flagship weekly variety show. Songs, Comedy, Dance, Masks and more! Who knows what will happen each week at Unusual Tuesday!
Showtime at 8pm.
–Free Admission–

New Music Thursdays:

Join us each week as Brad Dutz and his friends take the stage with their amazing jazz and fun visuals.

Showtime 8pm.   $5 – $10 Donation at the door.

Bloody Bobby Film & Madness

Horror Movie – Live Dark Music – Spooky Artists – Quality Discount Clowns – Costume Contest — Get your Tickets today!

Hollow Wood World Presents the Bloody Bobby Halloween Horror Film Screening, Hosted by MEAT Clown of MEAT Clown Button Solutions.

Performing Live:
Small Drone Orchestra – cinematic drone
WICK END – ritual industrial

Artist Vendors:
Ricardo Cisneros

Roxanne Zidell

Sue Denaim

Tim Chadez

Zoey’s Koffin Crafts

Costume Contest – Win Fun Prizes!

$5 Advance Tickets includes a free Goodie Bag!

Inspirado Projecto Radio and What’s Good Kimberly? will be interviewing you about your favourite scary Halloween stories!

Bloody Bobby
The Legend started over 20 years ago when the town of Fall Creek Valley was rocked with the tragedy of a missing boy named Bobby Maxwell. He disappeared on Halloween night with out a trace of what happened to him that night. Months, turned to years and finally the search was over, and the memory faded.

But 20 years later in Fall Creek Valley on Halloween night, 8 people were brutally murdered. Police investigated the murders over several months. The only connection the murders had to one another was 6 out of the 8 victims, were former classmates of Bobby Maxwell, and were the ones who last who saw Bobby that Halloween night 20 years prior.

Since the Fall Creek Massacre, the legend of Bobby Maxwell grew. People reported seeing a child in a orange and black Halloween costume walking the streets of the town late at night. Also people reported black pumpkin markings found all over the town of Fall Creek Valley. All the sightings have had one thing in common, they all seem to be reported on Halloween night.

Showtime 8pm.   $5 – $10 Donation at the door.

Dave Williams

$5 – $10 suggested Donation at the door.

Fish to Birds


A AcapellaVocal ensemble featuring eight improvising singers. Really an amazing feat.

Showtime 8pm

$5 – $10 Donation at the door.

Saturday Stitches

Our open fiber art & crafting get together. Always on the 1st Saturday of the month. Come bring your yarn and tools or whatever crafty project you have and lets craft together. Coffee and tea available in the lounge and outside food welcome.

From 11am – 2pm


PIGIMICHI & Ursa Major


More details to come!

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